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Living Social Bootcamp Offer and IFAST Gear!

written by Bill Hartman

Two quick updates today:

1 – If you are interested in purchasing IFAST gear (hoodies, sweatpants, beanies, etc.) you can find the order form below:

IFAST Gear Order Form

Simply download the form, fill it out with what gear you want, and bring it into the gym.

As sexy as you are, we’ll guarantee your sexiness will increase by at least 10% wearing this gear! 🙂

2 – We are currently running an offer on Living Social for our bootcamps!

Wanted to give the bootcamps a shot, but unsure if it was a good fit for you?

This is a perfect way to get started – you get one month of UNLIMITED bootcamp classes for only $39!

Here’s a link to the offer, in case you’re interested:

IFAST Living Social Bootcamp Offer

This offer is only good through tomorrow, so make sure to take advantage of it ASAP!

Have a great weekend!



Bill Hartman

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