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Hi, I’m Bill Hartman from IFAST Physical Therapy.  I want to talk to you about your back pain. I’m sure by now you’ve been told any number of things about why your back hurts.

Perhaps you’ve had some tests like an x-ray that showed degenerative spine changes, arthritis, or an MRI that showed a bulging or herniated disc.  You may have already seen a doctor, a physical therapist or some other health care practitioner, or even had surgery in an attempt to relieve your pain to no avail, and you’re still looking for answer to why you still have pain.

What you may not have been told is that these changes found in such tests can be incidental or simply a result of aging and may have been there long before you had pain.

More often than not, your pain is not a back problem but rather a back nerve result. 

What I mean by that is that there are relationships throughout your body that can alter the way you move and place excessive or prolonged stress on your sciatic nerve that results in pain.  Our IFAST Physical Therapy total patient evaluation is capable of identifying these relationships compared to the traditional physical therapy you may be familiar with.  Once these relationships are improved and your movement is restored, pain often improves or just goes away.

I understand that this is difficult to believe especially if you’ve had pain for a long time or you’ve been told that there’s nothing more that can be done for you.  I also understand that it’s hard to believe that IFAST Physical Therapy is different from any physical therapy that you’ve experienced before.

So I’d like to show you the difference at no cost to you.

I’d like you to schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists here at IFAST Physical Therapy.  We’ll discuss your concerns and literally show you that day how quickly you can change for the better.

Just call IFAST Physical Therapy at 317-578-0998 and set up your free consultation today.  We can help you.