How Can IFAST Help YOU as a Baseball Player?

Baseball is an explosive sport.

Whether it’s increasing throwing velocity, improving bat speed, or getting faster so you can steal more bags, if you want to be a great player, you’ve got to be fast.

But beyond power and explosiveness, the rotational demands of baseball can put a ton of stress on the body.

Whether it’s the hips and lower back, the shoulders or the elbows, if you don’t rotate well (or from the right areas), it’s probably a matter of time until your body breaks down.

At IFAST, our goal is to help you become a complete baseball player.

One that is not only powerful and explosive, but one that is also resilient and doesn’t breakdown.

At IFAST, we use a three-step process to build better athletes:

  1. We assess your body in both an orthopedic and sport-specific environment. Our goal is to figure out how you move, as well as your strength and weaknesses, so that we can create a program custom-built for you.
  2. We build an individualized program that is designed specifically for you. While the needs of all baseball players are similar, you are an individual. As such, we create a program that takes into account your goals as an athlete, while combining them with the specifics tools you need to take your athletic performance to the next level.
  3. We get you in the gym and coach you up! The best program on paper does nothing without proper coaching. With a keen eye on the details of every movement, we make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of every set and every rep.

But rather than brag about ourselves and what we have to offer, here are a handful of testimonials from our athletes.

Athlete Testimonials

It’s been our distinct pleasure to work with some amazing professional baseball players including Trey Ball, Radley Haddad, Eric Stout, and Josh Lindblom.

trey-ballI started coming to IFAST 2.5 years ago with Ty Terrell, and my time there has been absolutely outstanding.

Being able to have hands on training with Bill and Ty has been a huge help with my training and repositioning needed to get me in season form for Baseball.

Without their help and knowledge of how the body works and the training needed to get the most out of what I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

IFAST is different in the sense of them taking you one-on-one evaluating you and coming up with a plan to achieve what you are looking for. And then working with you as you move forward, I think that’s what makes them different and the best at what they do.

I’d like to thank Ty and Bill and everyone else at the IFAST family for all the help and hands on work with me throughout the years to make me the best baseball player I can be.
– Trey Ball, Pitcher, Boston Red Sox

Ready to get started?

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Athletic Development Pricing


  • 1 fee per family, per year

3x/WEEK: $899

  • Total 39 sessions
  • Billed @ $299/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $34.54 each

2x/WEEK: $699

  • Total 26 sessions
  • Billed @ $233/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $26.88 each

1x/WEEK: $449

  • Total 13 sessions
  • Billed @ $149/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $23.05 each


  • Have more than one athlete in the family? Save 10% on any additional enrollments.
  • We allow one make-up class every three months. There will be no credit for missed classes except under the written order of a physician.
  • Athlete photos may be used on our website and/or print publication.
  • Fees are non-refundable but may be transferred; all credit expires 90-days from purchase.

What else are people saying?

Zach Spears

“What makes IFAST Sports Performance so special is their attention to detail; they work with you to perform specifically in your sport, and work to put your body in the position it needs to be in for you to exceed your maximum potential. Most importantly, they put you in a position to get healthy and to stay healthy. The best part about IFAST is that they also really make you understand why certain things are happening to your body, and have reasoning behind everything workout and exercise you do. It gives you a lot of confidence in what you are doing when you know why you are doing it. What makes them different is how they specify your workouts. If you go anywhere else, you are doing the same thing as every other athlete in the building. They don’t just do things to get you stronger; they do things to make your body function properly mechanically. As a pitcher, I made more improvements in two months at IFAST than I did in three years with a dozen other guys.”

– Zach Spears, Pitcher, University of Miami Ohio


“It is my belief that IFAST is the best gym in America. This is training at the highest level. So much of what I do with my athletes comes directly from the guys at IFAST. There is nobody who understands the entire scope of athletic training better. These are great coaches and more importantly, great people who have earned my highest recommendation.
– Sean Light, Asst. Strength Coach for L.A. Lakers, former Strength Coach for Arizona DiamondBacks

pete“IFAST is the best place in Indy to send your kids for off-field training. Their trainers are hands down some of the best in the business. Participating in a strength and conditioning program like the one they are offering is vital for baseball players who want to stay on the field for years to come.”
– Pete Cicinelli, PT, DPT, Minor League Performance Coordinator, Atlanta Braves