What May Be Missing From Your Arm Care Program?

DATE › May 9, 2017
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In this week's post, I am discussing what may be missing from your arm care program. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/jt91o5iVWMU

3 Progressions to Help You Stay on Top of the Baseball

DATE › April 20, 2017
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Have you heard these sayings before? “Stay on top of the ball” “You need to work on your core” One thing I love about sports is the unique culture that lies in each individual sport.  Language, types of training, coaching cues, classifications and more are deeply embedded in these cultures.   Being one of the older sports in our country, baseball has a lot of culture with a lot of unique language.  One I hear a lot is “stay on top of the ball” when pitching.  Admittedly, not knowing what that meant the first few times I heard a pitching

How Are You Training Speed and Agility?

DATE › January 22, 2016
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When you think of speed and agility training, what images come to mind? Are they images of cone drills, ladders, fast feet drills or treadmill running? Speed and agility is a monster of a topic.  It is vast with a tremendous amount of variables impacting it.  Everything from fiber type development, elasticity, what energy systems you are training (conditioning), position of the pelvis to vision and DNA. And that’s just a few factors impacting your ability to improve SPORT SPEED. Let’s hit on some on a few of those factors and how they impact speed… 1) Position Something few take

Something Cool Happened Today

Ty Terrell You want to run faster…right? Jump higher…right? Check this out… 2 weeks ago today a football player for Purdue University started training with us.  He had 3 weeks to get as ready as he could before he reported to school.  We did our typical assessment, collecting range of motion, determining how he moves, where he moves from and more.  We also collected his 10 yard and 20 yard sprint times along with his standing vertical and with an approach.  Lastly, we did 2 conditioning tests…modified coopers and a 1 minute go test (testing heart rate recovery). Some things

What Happened To Teaching?

Ty Terrell I saw something really cool this weekend.  My girlfriend and I went to the batting cages and a dad was there with two 10 year old boys.  For about an hour the father sat in a chair next to the cage the boys were hitting in and gave instructions. Thirty to forty minutes into it, my girlfriend asks me “Does that drive you crazy?” She has heard me be passionate about how we develop and go about developing our young athletes.  She knows I feel our youth sports system is broken.  She has seen me coach basketball as

How Long Does It Take To Get Better?

DATE › July 8, 2015
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Parents…if you have a young athlete you have undoubtedly been in this situation...you recognize your athlete needs or wants to get stronger, faster or healthier.  Then you look at the schedule and try to find the available small windows where the athlete can get some physical training.  The windows are usually 3-6 weeks...maybe up to 8 weeks if you are lucky. Some speed or strength coaches may get excited and tell you parents what you want to hear because they just want your athlete in their gym.  I don’t blame them…that’s business.  However, I want to let you know physical

3 Pillars of Athletic Success: Are We Preparing Our Athletes?

DATE › May 19, 2015
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How are spending your time developing as an athlete? Do you have a travel or AAU team?  Do you have a skills coach to train the individual skills of the game? My question is are you putting the same energy into developing the mental and physical skills? Here is what I see almost daily from athletes at all different levels… I see athletes who can score 20 points at age 13 but get passed at age 16.  I see athletes who spend all week getting better at one sport but can’t skip.  I see athletes who literally can not stand

How Are You Training Speed and Agility?

DATE › April 29, 2015
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You ever heard someone called “sneaky athletic” or “deceptively quick”?  I hear deceptively quick from analysts and commentators on tv all the time when talking about an athlete that shouldn’t beat their man but does regularly.  The athlete usually is said to have a quick first step.  But what does that mean when we break it down? First, you have to react quickly.  Your brain has to be able to analyze its environment and fire immediately.  Then you need elasticity for that quick stretch reflex when your feet reposition for optimal force production angles.  Then you need the ability to

Learning to Decelerate: When Your Leg Is Trying to Be a Butt

DATE › February 20, 2015
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by Ty Terrell What do you picture when you think of deceleration in sports?  A wide receiver getting into a cut?  A basketball player going hard to the basket and pulling back for a jump shot?  Those are great examples of deceleration but we look at deceleration as a whole a lot of times and miss some vital elements. Let’s take a look at deceleration in its many forms.  As a strength and conditioning coach I see deceleration in the weight room with every rep.  It’s the eccentric portion of the lift.  As a coach with a background in multi-directional

The Ickey Shuffle – Putting the Skill in the Drill

DATE › May 22, 2014
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Ty here.  I'm back again to give a few more details about the Ickey Shuffle and how important it is to focus on the skills in drills. Below are some videos and brief thoughts on different looks of the exercise. Hope these give you a new perspective on how you approach drills…specifically the Ickey Shuffle. Above is a typical Ickey Shuffle done in a ladder. A lot of coaches will throw out this drill without thought of the skill involved.   As you can see, the athlete is going through the ladder without any purpose. Now we put an emphasis on the