7 Weeks Out: Goal Setting and Removing Roadblocks

DATE › May 26, 2017
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[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDjHum0yEbo[/embed] In this video, I discuss setting yourself up for success when pursuing a goal with a deadline. What are some of the components of successful goal setting and what may be holding you back? Click the video above and reach out to indyfast@gmail.com with any questions or comments you have about setting yourself up for success.

Consistency and Setting Your Goals!

DATE › May 19, 2017
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Tony talks about the lessons he has learned about setting goals and how they can help you achieve yours!   https://youtu.be/rToTmwElS9M

Train As Hard As You Should, Not As Hard As You Can

DATE › May 11, 2017
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This week a client had a great question about the varying intensities from class to class. In this video, I explain why we do what we do in our Athletika Classes. Share this video with a friend that is always beat down from their current exercise regimen! https://youtu.be/Y497IW26xEI

The Why Behind Your Goals

DATE › May 2, 2017
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Over the last few weeks, I have had an unusually high amount of assessments. Clients new and old sit down with me for an hour as I bring them through our process and get them on the right track to achieve their goals. Each assessment goes differently, but starts with a bombshell of a question:   WHY ARE YOU HERE?   Now depending on how you just read that, I may come off as a jerk, and I promise you that isn’t the case. I am genuinely interested in knowing why they want to work out in the first place

4 Reasons and 1 Secret Why HitFit Beats Up (Pun Intended) Any Other Group Workout

DATE › April 21, 2017
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We launched HitFit, our take on group boxing, last year and the response has been amazing! In order to celebrate our success, here are some important takeaways from our resident HitFitters:   1) It’s Not Just Your Arms, It is a TOTAL Body Workout "When I started HitFit I used my upper body exclusively, burning up my gas tank and tiring out my arms. Once Tony taught me more technique and how to relax my upper body, it shifted more of the load to my hips, legs, and core. This created a total body workout that helps me box at