How Can a 30 Day Challenge Help You?

DATE › May 17, 2017
CATEGORIES › Blog, Gym News
If you’ve been in the gym lately, you might have seen some signs floating around asking if you’d like to win $500 or get a nutrition plan that is made for you. These signs are not just flare for my lovely desk. They are promoting our upcoming challenge, Fit by the Fourth! I had a client recently ask “Why do we have these 30 challenges? I thought this was a marathon, not a sprint.” This was great question. Yes, more than likely any fitness goal you have will be best seen with the the long game in mind, but a

The Interns Are Gone… For Now

DATE › May 2, 2017
As the spring interns we're finishing up their last week here at IFAST, a client said something that really stuck with me. “You know, in the beginning I feel like we were teaching you guys, and now you guys are coaching me up!” After hearing the client say this, it really got me thinking about my experience as an intern and got me thinking about what the current interns were experiencing. It was an interesting cycle to experience and now witness.  This was the first group of interns that I have gotten to see go through a full semester. In

3 Tips for Training While Traveling

DATE › April 26, 2017
It is that time of year again. This blog is a little late for the spring breakers, but summer vacation season is coming. I’m going to be talking about getting that workout in while you’re on vacation.  Very rarely are you fortunate enough to find dumbbells that go over 25 lbs. on vacation let alone a squat rack. You may even be lucky to find the time to get to the gym . I am going to give you 3 essentials to still get a great workout in while you’re on vacation no matter the equipment you have.   Most

Stop Blowing Yourself Off!

DATE › April 17, 2017
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You wake up Monday morning with your whole day planned out. Your meals are prepped and you grab what you need before heading out the door. You look at your schedule for the day and plan on hitting the gym after your late afternoon meeting. Then, the late afternoon is here and your meeting runs much later than you had planned. It might be too late to hit the gym and you plan to head on home. You feel a little guilty but it’s not like you blew off your co-workers or a serious meeting or anything, right?   This