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Ross Eckert

Hello! I’m Ross Eckert. I’m from a small town in Southern Indiana, called Huntingburg.

Being from a small town, and even smaller high school, typically meant most athletes played more than one sport. A three-sport athlete myself (four-sport for a small period of time), I knew from a young age that simply focusing on skills training wasn’t going to be enough to compete at a high level. At age 13, I began weightlifting in an attempt to improve my performance, and simply fell in love.

That love continued throughout my time in high school… until I got to college. I played Division III football for Hanover College, where I majored in Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology.

My first year at Hanover was just short of a disaster. Poor programming under an inexperienced coach led to injuries for myself, and many other teammates.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before a new strength coach took over, and my perspective changed once again. For the rest of my time at Hanover, I sought as much knowledge as I could from our new coach, a mentor of mine, and the classes I enrolled in, to learn the ins-and-outs of what makes a great sports performance program.

I typically train middle and high school athletes, but starting as young as 10 years old and continuing through the college level. I also have some adult clients who I love to train as well.

I help young athletes become stronger and more explosive in a safe environment, so they can achieve their athletic dreams and reduce their risk for injury.

You can’t get recruited if you’re sitting on the bench because of an injury. So, my first priority with any athlete is to assess strength deficiencies and inefficient movement patterns, and address those early and often.

But once those have been addressed, building peak strength and explosiveness becomes #1!

Outside of coaching, I love to spend free time with my wife Kenzie, and our cat “Bean,” by trying out new restaurants, coffee shops, or going for walks.

I also really enjoy watching and playing golf with friends whenever possible!

If you’re interested in training with me, call or text me at 812.661.0327, or give me a follow on Instagram and shoot me a DM!