Jobs - Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training


IFAST is moving to a new facility, so Bill and I are looking for a new coach to join our team!

IFAST is known for producing some of the best and most sought-after coaches in the industry.

Our coaches and interns have gone on to lucrative positions in the NBA, NHL, MLB, or become owners of their own successful facilities after growing and developing their skills at IFAST.

With the new facility, we need someone that can hit the ground running and is ready to contribute now.

A qualified candidate would have the following:

  • 3-5 years of coaching experience. We don’t expect you to be a finished product when you show up, but we are looking with someone who can step on the floor immediately and coach our clients at a high-level.
  • Speaking of clients, you need an interest in working with both gen pop clients and young athletes (middle/high school age). This is critical as we have all shapes and sizes at IFAST, so we want and need people who are passionate about helping everyone.
  • A CSCS or commensurate personal training certification.
  • A willingness to grow and evolve as a coach. Regardless of what you’ve learned up to this point, we’re constantly pushing the envelope and going to challenge you as a coach. If you aren’t willing to push yourself and evolve, then IFAST is not the place for you.

If you’d like to apply, here’s what we need from you (and yes I realize it’s a lot but we want to make sure that we get the right person for this position!):

  • A cover letter that includes how you heard about IFAST,
  • A current resume,
  • A list of at least three professional references,
  • A brief (~500 word) essay on why you’d like to be a coach at IFAST, and
  • Links to 2 videos (uploaded to YouTube with privacy settings set so anyone with the link can view them):
    • Up to 2 minutes of you coaching someone on a squat, deadlift, or other compound movement.

      In the video, you must:

      1. Demonstrate the movement between 3-5 reps before you begin coaching.

      2. Coach the “client” as if it is their first time going through the exercise.

      3. Avoid technical jargon (“posterior pelvic tilt” or “upward rotation of the scapula”). Talk as if you are coaching a general fitness client, not an exercise science major.

      4. Identify some faults and fix them. If your model moves exceptionally well, then demonstrate some common faults and common cues to fix them.
    • Up to 2 minutes on why IFAST should choose you. You are strongly encouraged to tell an anecdote that illustrates why you have the qualities to be a high-quality coach. You should speak clearly into the camera without reading from a script.
    • Videos must be in landscape orientation, filmed from a tripod or a stable surface.

Please send all of the materials to Mike Robertson ([email protected]) with the subject line “Coach at IFAST.”

As noted before, we are looking to move very quickly here, so if you want to be considered please submit all of your materials ASAP for review.

Thanks for your interest and have a great day!