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Sogility IFAST

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to your child’s soccer development?

One facility where they can get both technical and skill development, as well as performance training to make them faster, stronger, and better conditioned?

If so, Sogility is the place to be!

If you’re a busy parent, the last thing you want to do is shuttle your child all over the greater Indianapolis area to get skills training, strength and conditioning, etc.

The IFAST Studio at Sogility not only gives you the awesome IFAST training experience you’ve come to know and love, but technical development and goalkeeper training as well. 

TOCA Training

In a traditional soccer practice, your child may only touch the ball a handful of times.

With that being the case, how are they ever going to improve their first touch, passing or shooting accuracy?

The fact of the matter is you need more touches – and training on a TOCA machine will help you do that!

IFAST Studio

In any given moment of a soccer game, your child needs to be well conditioned to make a run, fast and quick enough to get to the ball first, and strong enough to hold another player off.

This is what hyper-focused soccer training is all about – giving your young athlete all the physical abilities they need to be successful on the pitch.

Jon Busch Goalkeeping Academy

Learn from one of the best!

Jon Busch was a 20+ year pro across all leagues, and his no-nonsense approach to goalkeeping will give your child the fundamental skills, footwork and tactics to become a more successful keeper.

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