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Everyone wants to see their child thrive in sports.

In basketball it could be getting more minutes, moving up from JV to varsity, or getting that big bucket that wins the game.

But we all want to see our kid succeed.

And while sport-specific coaching is critical, athletic development can be a critical piece of the puzzle as well.

Unfortunately, most kids deal with a lack of confidence both in and out of the gym, and that directly impacts their confidence on the field.

So if you want a program that builds your child’s confidence both in and outside of the gym, let me tell you a little bit about our process…

The IFAST 3-Step Approach to Basketball Development

Performance Assessment

Everything starts with an assessment. Regardless of how far you want your child to go in basketball, we have to know where they're starting from athletically to give them the best chance for success.

Individualized Programming

Individualized programs always have the best success, and that's why everything we do is specific to the child we're working with

Customized Coaching

Every kid moves differently, and therefore needs to be coached differently. Our coaches will ensure your kids are challenged, yet safe, each and every time they workout at IFAST

Look, we could go on and on about why we think we’re different.

Or we could brag about how we’ve worked with NBA All-Stars, elite college and overseas players, as well as the up-and-coming middle or high school age player.

But rather than us talking about ourselves, let’s hear what different athletes and coaches have to say about training at IFAST….

IFAST is the gold standard for performance training and physical therapy. When our athletes need a place to train in the Indianapolis area, IFAST is place I recommend because I know all of their needs, from rehab to training, will be met with excellent care.

Mike IrrPT Strength Coach, NBA Champion with Golden State Warriors

Kelan MartinFormer Butler Standout, currently with MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg
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