If you want to go there, it starts HERE. - Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training

If you want to go there, it starts HERE.

IFAST isn’t your ordinary gym, because you are no ordinary human being.

If you’re reading this, you aspire to do more.

To be more.

What Does IFAST Have to Offer YOU?
  • Customized training programs that fit YOUR body (regardless of where you're starting from)
  • Caring coaches who are committed to your success
  • An understanding that improvements in the gym translate to every area of your life!
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At IFAST, we know there’s more to you than hitting a personal best on the bench press, squat or deadlift.

It’s using the gym to help you hike a mountain, work in your garden pain-free, to help you get a college scholarship, or maybe make it to the big leagues.

You want to be challenged.

You want programs that are designed specifically for you.

And you want to find a place where the trainers truly care and are committed to you and your results.

It is what you led you here, and what will ultimately get you there.

But don’t take our word for it! Ask around, do some research, or better yet, hear from some of our current members to see how we can help YOU achieve your goals.

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Personal Training

Want a customized program that's designed for your body? If so, we can help!

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Physical Therapy

Pain can hold you back from the activities you love. Learn more about our unique approach here!

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Sport-Specific Training

Improving speed, strength and power can take your performance to the next level. Let's talk about how we can help you get there!

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I came to IFAST after seriously injuring my knee in the Himalayas in 2016, hoping to recover sufficiently to go back to hiking.


I’m happy to say that, since then, I’ve spent several weeks in the Andes in 2018 and will be going back to the Himalayas in 2019.


During these adventures, I have to keep up with athletes who are decades younger than me, so training is essential.  With each four week program at IFAST, I’m gaining strength, stability and range of motion.


All I have to do is show up at the gym regularly and follow coach’s cues!

Rick KischukAvid Hiker and Outdoorsman