Physical Therapy

Your physical therapy evaluation should evaluate ALL OF YOU and not just a body part.

Is pain preventing you from enjoying your life, and you’ve been told you need to rely on medication or to simply change your life?

Have you been told:

  • Your ONLY option to resolve your pain is surgery.
  • There’s NOTHING more we can do for your pain.
  • Your ongoing pain is CAUSED by arthritis, a herniated disc, or some other structural change identified on x-ray, MRI, or another diagnostic test
  • Physical therapy WON’T help you
  • You need to STOP exercising!

Rest assured that

  • You can feel better and get back to your normal activities.
  • You may not need surgery to resolve your pain.
  • You can continue to exercise while you rehab your injury.
  • Your MRI may have nothing to do with your pain.
  • Your tight hamstrings are not the cause of your back pain.
  • IFAST Physical Therapy can help you where other PT has failed.

Are you dealing with…







About IFAST Physical Therapy – Indianapolis

Pain is one of the greatest challenges we face.  Nothing steals your enjoyment of life and keeps you from your favorite activities more than a painful limiting condition.

You are not a diagnosis or a body part.  Your are not back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or any other pain.  You are a human being with a painful condition.

Your physical therapy evaluation should evaluate ALL OF YOU and not just a body part.  It is the only way to determine your true needs and the course of treatment that will get you back to your normal life.

It can be quite a challenge to find the best provider of physical therapy in Indianapolis.

As a top provider of physical therapy in Indianapolis, IFAST Physical Therapy faces challenges too.

Because we provide “physical therapy” we are immediately compared to all the other physical therapists in Indianapolis.  As far as most patients are concerned, all physical therapy is the same and use the same approach to treat painful conditions.

Our patients at IFAST Physical Therapy in Indianapolis know the difference.

Many of them were told that there was nothing else that could be done for their plantar fasciitis, SI joint pain, herniated disc, shoulder impingement, or TMJ pain among many of the other diagnoses we treat.

Most of our patients are considered to have complex pain problems and have sought out a number of health care providers and doctors before they come to see us for physical therapy.

In many cases, we find that our patients don’t really have complex pain issues.  They just didn’t receive a complete evaluation and their treatment attempted to fix a body part.  Humans just don’t function that way.

We understand the frustration you face when pain steals joy from your daily life.

We understand the skepticism you experience when someone tells you they have the answers when no one else has been able to help you.

That’s why we offer anyone dealing with a painful condition a free injury consultation.  

We’re more than happy to discuss your current situation and perform some simple tests to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the IFAST Physical Therapy approach.  You are under no further obligation after your consultation.

As an IFAST Physical Therapy patient, we promise…

  • You’ll receive the most complete physical therapy evaluation in Indianapolis.
  • You’ll be privately treated by nationally and Indianapolis-renowned physical therapist, Bill Hartman.
  • You’ll experience our no rush policy; we schedule a minimum of one hour for all of our PT patients.
  • You’ll rarely need to be seen more than once per week and typically only need PT once every two weeks.
  • You’ll feel and move better in fewer total visits than typical physical therapy.

Schedule your free injury consult

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