How Can IFAST Help YOU as a Volleyball Player?

Volleyball is a dynamic and explosive sport.

In one play you could be asked to move laterally to receive a serve, sprint to the net to set or spike, and then retreat again to play defense.

Quite simply, if you can become a better athlete, you will have the tools to become a better volleyball player.


But beyond being athletic, volleyball is often a sport that predisposes it’s athletes to injury.

Whether it’s the repetitive nature of spiking the ball, or the pounding your body takes from thousands and thousands of jumps, it’s not uncommon to see the best careers come unhinged due to injury.

At IFAST, our goal is to help you become a complete volleyball player.

One that is not only powerful and explosive, but one that is also resilient and doesn’t breakdown.

At IFAST, we use a three-step process to build better athletes:

  1. We assess your body in both an orthopedic and sport-specific environment. Our goal is to figure out how you move, your strength and weaknesses, so that we can create a program custom-built for you.
  2. We build an individualized program that is designed specifically for you. While the needs of all volleyball players is similar, you are an individual. As such, we create a program that takes into account your goals as an athlete, while combining them with the specifics tools you need to take your athletic performance to the next level.
  3. We get you in the gym and coach you up! The best program on paper does nothing without proper coaching. With a keen eye on the details of every movement, we make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of every set and every rep.

But rather than brag about ourselves and what we have to offer, here are a handful of testimonials from our athletes.

Athlete Testimonials

lauryn gillis“As a college athlete, I am surrounded by injuries. I have been fortunate enough to make it to my junior year without any serious complications. I truly believe Ty Terrell is a big reason for this. I cannot think of many other explanations as to why my shoulder is still intact after hundreds of swings a week, while teammates and players around me are having surgeries. Ty trains in a unique way. Some of his training methods may cause an eyebrow raise in disbelief (the first time he had me do breathing exercises, I wanted to ask how in the world would that make me an All-American), but after only a few sessions, he earned all of my trust. Ty trains the mind and body. He helps you develop a strong foundation for injury prevention then moves forward into athleticism.
Ty is extraordinary at his job and there is no doubt that he loves what he does. His passion for what he does and his love for his athletes is what keeps bringing me back to him. He makes me want to give 110% because I know he gives that much to me. I can honestly say that I love every minute of my sessions with Ty. He has become a great friend while making me the best player I can be. I couldn’t ever begin to thank him enough.” 

– Lauryn Gillis, U20 USA Volleyball / University of Wisconsin


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Athletic Development Pricing

Our athletic development class features three different training options:


  • 1 fee per family, per year

3x/WEEK: $899

  • Total 39 sessions
  • Billed @ $299/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $34.54 each

2x/WEEK: $699

  • Total 26 sessions
  • Billed @ $233/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $26.88 each

1x/WEEK: $449

  • Total 13 sessions
  • Billed @ $149/month
  • Additional sessions can be purchased at the same session rate of $23.05 each


  • Have more than one athlete in the family? Save 10% on any additional enrollments.
  • We allow one make-up class every three months. There will be no credit for missed classes except under the written order of a physician.
  • Athlete photos may be used on our website and/or print publication.
  • Fees are non-refundable but may be transferred; all credit expires 90-days from purchase.