Our Philosophy

My philosophy is easy: Simple. Healthy. Delicious.

In this day and age, very little in our lives is simple.  But if our nutrition program isn’t simple, we won’t stick to it. Secondly, our nutrition should nourish our bodies.  Why bother with unsustainable trendy diets? Our goal should be to use nutrition to optimize our long-term health and well being. Finally, if food isn’t delicious, we aren’t going to eat it. Using my tips and recipes, you’ll quickly see that we can eat in a healthy manner AND it will taste fantastic.

I look forward to hearing about your background and goals!

– Jessica Robertson, MA, RD, CD, Certified Health and Wellness Coach


  • Assessment and intake to determine base point and create a 3-month vision
  • Weekly/bi-weekly meetings to provide accountability and guide mini-goals and actionable items
  • 100% individualized to you and your goals


  • Free 30-minute consult
  • 3-months at $149/month ($447 total)
  • 12-months at $99/month ($1,188 total)

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