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Beast Moves Programs for Kids and Families! 

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Predator/Prey Speed and Agility Series (June 13-June 29)

  • Be fast and boss out during our predator-prey speed and agility series!
  • Use Beast Moves to develop speed, strength, coordination, and reactivity.
  • Be speedy like a cheetah!
  • Change direction like a gazelle!
  • Learn escape tactics so you’ll never get caught in tag again!

Coming in July: Skeletons!

  • Did you know that some skeletons don’t have any bones?
  • Learn about animals with inside skeletons and outside skeletons!
  • Get picked to show off your Beast Moves on our IG Reels!
  • Have an absolute blast!

Space is limited!

  • Up to an hour
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 2 pm start time
  • $20/session

More fun than Saturday morning cartoons!

  • Start the weekend off right!
  • Show off your family’s Beast Moves!
  • All ages welcome!
  • Meet new friends!

Learn, move, and have FUN together!

  • Friendly competitions!
  • Family v. Family!
  • Kids v. Grown-ups!
  • Different animal and health themes each week!

Space is limited!

  • Up to an hour
  • Saturdays
  • 9:00 am start time
  • $30/family

Sessions are specially tailored for our youngest Beasts!

  • Have fun!
  • Practice numbers, letters, and shapes!
  • Learn about animals inside and out!
  • All while getting your Beast Moves on!

Non-stop action will leave your lovable Little Beast happy as a hippo and ready for a panda nap!

You’re welcome!

  • Up to 45 minutes
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 12:30 pm start
  • $20/session
  • Space is limited!

Make this the BEST summer ever! 

For more information or to schedule a private individual or family session email [email protected] with the subject Beast Moves!

Meet Intern Sandy

When she’s not interning at IFAST, Dr. Sandy San Miguel, leads a veterinary superhero league, The League of VetaHumanz, at Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The League is supported by NIH, and veterinarians across the country teach children about keeping people and their animals healthy. Dr. Sandy is interning at IFAST to incorporate movement and exercise into her veterinary lessons for kids. She has Youth Fitness Specialist/CADS (IYCA) and CPT (ISSA) credentials.