Semi-private training is an effective and affordable way to get a great training session. Athletes and members are placed into small groups of 2-4, and work out alongside each other.

At IFAST, we individualize the experience by coaching members on personalized programs. In other words, even though you will be training at the same time as other members, you will likely be doing completely different exercises than the other people in your group.

Since there really isn’t a “typical” IFAST client, on any given day you could be training next to a professional athlete, a stay-at-home mom, a retired doctor, or high school student. If there is an over-arching theme, however, it’s that all of our clients are committed and focused on achieving their goals. While externally they may look quite different, on the inside they are all wired much the same.

Our coaches are trained to notice and correct all of the subtle issues that come up while training. It’s one thing to get people in the ball park of good technique, but it’s quite a bit more challenging to make good technique great. Our goal is to have every client exhibit great technique on all the major exercises and movements. Further, our coaches know that a big part of training is building rapport and trust with our members. Each coach works hard to help understand our members, so that we can help them achieve their fitness goals.

Co-owners Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman, PT frequently travel to to consult with fitness professionals around the world, but it’s our local Indy clients who really make it worthwhile. “Our greatest achievement and joy,” explains Mike, “is the connection between staff and our members.” “It’s a perpetual state of encouragement,” adds Bill. “Seeing a professional athlete high-five a retired school teacher is very cool. It’s not just a positive environment, but an environment that fosters growth for all.”



  • 1:1 personal fitness assessment and success consult
  • Customized training program catered to your individual needs and goals
  • Semi-private coaching 3x/week (our $399/mo annual membership)
  • 30 days of team training classes (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6pm)
  • 30 days of open-gym use

If we can’t convince you during your introductory month that we’re the best gym in Indianapolis, walk away with no obligation whatsoever. It really is that simple!

* Trials are limited to first-time clients who live within 20-minutes of IFAST. 


For an additional $50, have your assessment with IFAST owner, Bill Hartman, PT. This option is ideal for people who have recently recovered from an injury or surgery. This upgrade is intended for clients ready to resume regular physical activity and is not to be used as a substitute for physical therapy.


All of our semi-private training sessions provide individualized coaching for you and up to 3 additional clients. In addition, every membership level includes monthly program updates as well as unlimited open gym and team training classes.

BASIC TRAINING (coaching 1x/week; $229/month for 12-month membership)
Comfortable around the gym? Already making great strides in your fitness program? One time a week is a great option for you.

STANDARD TRAINING (coaching 2x/week; $329/month for 12-month membership)
Our most popular package, two sessions per week provides the supervision and motivation the majority of our clients crave.

ELITE TRAINING (coaching 3x/week; $429/month for 12-month membership)
Just starting out? Want to truly maximize your progress? Three times per week is the perfect option.


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