FAQ: The Questions

We are here to help answer your questions and make you feel comfortable with our process. Read our list of the most frequently asked questions below:

FAQ: The Answers

Do you need a referral from your doctor?

No, you do not need a referral from your doctor to start physical therapy.

As of 2013, Indiana allows residents direct access to IFAST Physical Therapy for up to 24 calendar days without a physician’s referral.

If your treatment is determined to last for greater than that period, a referral from your doctor, dentist, podiatrist, nurse practitioner, or chiropractor will be required to continue.

Why don’t we take insurance?

IFAST Physical Therapy is different, and we’re willing to prove it.

Perhaps you’ve had PT somewhere else. Chances are your appointments a few times a week for 20-30 minutes a visit. Because insurance companies never reimburse medical offices the full amount billed, this scheduling model increases a facility’s billing capacity to help meet their revenue needs.

In contrast, the IFAST PT treatment regimen will rarely require you to be seen more than once a week. Appointments are booked in 60-minute blocks, and we don’t pump up your bill with unproductive modalities like ultrasounds or a $25 ice pack that you could just as effectively apply at home.

In short, if we relied on insurance companies for payment, we would not be able to provide the treatment you deserve.

We do, however, gladly accept payment through HSA, FSA, Care Credit, MC, Visa, Discover, and Am Ex.

Should you call your insurance before coming to IFAST PT?

Absolutely! We recommend that you contact your health insurance company before you come to IFAST Physical Therapy to determine what your out-of-network benefits will be.

IFAST Physical Therapy does not accept insurance, but we will provide you with a detailed receipt so that you can seek reimbursement as able.

What should you wear to my IFAST PT appointment?

We recommend that you dress for exercise.

T-shirts, shorts, or sweatpants are fine. We only ask that if you have an extremity injury that our IFAST physical therapist will be able to access that body part for examination. For instance, if you have a knee injury, please wear shorts. If you have a shoulder injury, please wear a tank top or the equivalent.

If you are a runner or an athlete, please bring your training or athletic shoes with you!

What should you bring to your first IFAST PT appointment?

If you have been referred to IFAST Physical Therapy by your doctor, dentist, nurse practitioner, podiatrist, or chiropractor, please bring your written referral form. Please fill out and bring your IFAST Physical Therapy paperwork:

  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Signed HIPAA Consent Form
  • Signed Consent for Care Form
  • Notice of Privacy Practices (for your reference only)

If you have had any diagnostic tests performed prior to your IFAST Physical Therapy evaluation please bring a copy with you that we may keep in your protected health information file. This may include:

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Bone Scan
  • Related Blood work
  • Any other diagnostic tests you feel are important

What happens on your first visit?

Your first visit will consist of your physical therapy evaluation. The actual appointment will take up to an hour and consist of our own extensive, evidence-based IFAST Physical Therapy evaluation. This is the foundation of your treatment program. Your IFAST Physical Therapist will then provide you with the findings of your evaluation. It is important that you understand what may be happening and how IFAST Physical Therapy can help you return to your favorite activities. There are times where our findings may indicate that you are not an appropriate candidate for physical therapy treatment at this time. In some cases, further examination by your doctor or another health professional will be necessary. We will be happy to provide you with any necessary information you’ll need in arranging treatment with the appropriate health professional.

How do you schedule an appointment?

Please call Tony at IFAST to arrange your physical therapy evaluation at 317-578-0998.

Please indicate that you are a physical therapy patient and provide a brief description of your symptoms.

Do we communicate your progress to your doctor?

We will be happy to provide your personal physician with any documentation related to your treatment at IFAST Physical Therapy for your doctor’s medical file.

Should your treatment exceed the 24 calendar day limit for the state of Indiana’s Physical Therapy direct access law, we will provide you with copies of all documentation for you to present to your doctor in acquiring a referral for continued physical therapy as needed.

What conditions do we treat at IFAST PT?

IFAST Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of most musculoskeletal complaints including:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
  • Craniofacial pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow and wrist pain
  • Thoracic back or chest wall pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip, pelvic, or sacroiliac joint pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle or foot pain
  • Muscle strains
  • Joint sprains
  • Peripheral nerve entrapment
  • Sports injuries

I participate in activities like Crossfit; can I keep exercising while I rehab?

IFAST PT is the Rehab Specialist for High-Intensity Athletes and Extreme Fitness Enthusiasts in Indianapolis. Over the past five years, physical fitness has evolved to include a new breed of fitness enthusiast and fitness competition. Higher levels of fitness training intensity, bootcamp-style training, and the unique physical demands of off-road races and fitness competition places unparalleled stresses on the human body. Consider this short list of the new breed of “fitness athlete”:

  • Reebok CrossFit Games Competitors
  • Reebok Spartan Race Competitors
  • CrossFit Enthusiasts
  • Mudathlon Competitors
  • Urbanathlon Competitors
  • Ultramarathon Runners
  • Powerlifting Competitors
  • Bodybuilding Competitors
  • Men’s and Women’s Fitness Competitors
  • X-games and Extreme Sports Athletes
  • American Ninja Warriors
  • Fitness Bootcamp Participants
  • Hardcore Weekend Warriors
  • Each of these sports and activities places daily and competitive high-intensity challenges on participants that can unfortunately result in pain and injury.

This often results in putting competitive drives on hold for extended periods of time, a loss of hard-earned fitness gains, and the inability to exercise or train at the desired intensity. Or does it? IFAST Physical Therapy specializes in the evaluation and treatment of high-intensity fitness competitors and enthusiasts to assure you receive the best care, to keep you training hard, and to get you back to competition. Whether you compete with yourself or against others, IFAST Physical Therapy has the solution for your needs with our 3-stage process.

1. IFAST Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

Industry-standard physical therapy evaluations are insufficient to determine the specialized need of the high-intensity athlete. The IFAST Physical Therapy Evaluation understands the unique and sport-specific demands of high-intensity competition and considers the entire athlete regardless of the area of pain or diagnosis. Our ability to non-invasively evaluate orthopedic, neurologic, and sensory systems that influence your pain and your return to normal training is unparalleled.

2. Early Top-Rated Medical Specialist Referral

Let’s face it. There are times when injury severity requires physical medicine intervention. Our evaluation and triage system allows us to determine whether your needs demand further medical specialty care beyond the scope of physical therapy. Our professional relationships assure referral to the top-ranked medical practitioners in Indianapolis when it is deemed necessary. We treat you exactly like our professional athletes to get you the best care available.

3. Training at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) While You Rehab

Just because you’re rehabbing an injury doesn’t mean you can’t keep training. Our partnership with the highly-skilled training staff at IFAST allows you to keep training, maintain your hard-earned fitness, and protect yourself from further injury to accelerate your progress. As you progress in your rehabilitation, your fitness intensity is regularly monitored and graded to optimal levels to assure you the fastest return to your favorite activities possible.

How long will my appointment last and how often do I need to see the physical therapist?

Plan on your evaluation to last approximately one hour. Any necessary subsequent visits will last up to one hour as needed.

It is rare that your condition will require more than one visit a week. Each time you visit your IFAST physical therapist, you will be given corrective exercises for homework. IFAST PT recognizes that you don’t need to pay for unnecessary physical therapy treatments that you can do on your own.

For non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain, many patients experience some level of relief on their first visit. After you have been evaluated, your IFAST physical therapist will provide you with a treatment plan and an estimation of the duration of treatment.