About Stephanie M & B

Stephanie Metheny and Stephanie Burkhart have more in common than their first names. Both were introduced to IFAST for physical therapy upon recommendation by doctors at OrthoIndy, and both “graduated” to join IFAST and began their fitness programs thereafter. What’s makes the story even more interesting is that they are both pregnant with girls, and expect to deliver around the same time at the same hospital!

“It was great having the ‘other’ Stephanie training at the gym,” said Metheny. “It helped me feel like I had a partner who was going through the same situation as me, especially since our due dates are so close together.” The two women joked that they would likely end up having an IFAST reunion in the hospital and be doing walking lunges around the halls together. “I’m already counting down the days until I can get back into the gym after baby arrives,” said Burkhart.

Our MVPs recommend newbies to IFAST go in with an open mind and follow the trainer’s instructions. “They know what they’re doing!” says Metheny. And don’t expect your typical gym experience. There is no culture of intimidation here at IFAST. “One thing I love about IFAST is the camaraderie between all of the clients,” said Burkhart. “Nothing compares to the family atmosphere you will find here.”

Stephanie and Stephanie have similar motivation, the obvious being staying fit for their new children. Both women agree that the atmosphere and community at IFAST is encouraging, and Burkhart loves that the workouts change every month to combat boredom. “The concept of a new routine every month? Genius! Especially for clients like me.”

Stephanie and Stephanie both plan to return to IFAST after recovering from delivery. “Maybe one of the interns will be a good babysitter,” said Metheny. We all look forward to meeting two new baby girls, and are excited to have both of these awesome ladies back in the gym soon. Congratulations to the Stephanies, for being both new moms and this month’s MVPs! Keep up the hard work!