About Derek M

It's great having Derek as part of the IFAST family. He's undoubtedly one of the most disciplined and driven clients around. Derek's impressive consistency not only benefits him, but because Derek is continually encouraging everyone else in the gym, his positive-attitude and hard-work are contagious and benefit our community as a whole.


How long have you been a member and how did you hear about IFAST?

I have been a member of IFAST for seven months. I learned about IFAST from an internet search while I was looking for a new gym. I was a former Crossfitter and had several nagging injuries, so I decided that it was time to try something else. I did a little research and found a gym that specialized in athletic training as well as offered therapy services, so I thought it was a perfect fit.

What advice do you have for newbies?

My advice is to listen to your coaches and ask questions when you don’t understand why you are doing something. The coaches are knowledgeable and take the time to explain each movement and the problem that it is attempting to correct. Knowing why helps me get through some of the work.

What is your favorite part of IFAST?

I like that the programming is specific to each client. I know what I am working on is specifically designed to help me. The semi-private training is enhanced by having interns that are there to help as well. It provides more focus on each client.

How do you stay motivated?

I love to workout because I love the way that it makes me feel. Motivation has never been a problem for me in the past. I always want to keep getting more fit by becoming stronger and getting in good shape. I push myself hard to improve, sometimes probably a little too hard.

What is one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?

Most people at IFAST probably don’t know a lot about me because I’m so new. For starters, I’m getting married on September 26, 2015 to my wonderful fiancée, Laura. We have already started a small family with our 2 dogs, Brewster (chocolate lab mix) and Shiloh (schnauzer mix) that are supposedly littermates, even though they look nothing alike. Most people probably don’t know that I love to travel (who doesn’t) and have been to 35 states and 9 countries so far, with more traveling to do! Most people know that I’m a huge soccer fan and follow the Indy 11 and Arsenal. It’s always fun to see the Indy 11 players at IFAST.