What your MRI can tell you about your pain… And what it can’t tell you

DATE › November 7, 2016
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You may have had pain for a very long time. It's not uncommon for your doctor to order an MRI to help determine the source of your ongoing complaints of pain. In the hopes of finding a cause for the pain it's not uncommon to default to the findings in an MRI as that source of pain. Perhaps they blame arthritis or a herniated disc in your spine for your back pain. Perhaps they find a torn meniscus in your knee and blame that on your knee pain. Perhaps they find a muscle tear and blame that for your pain.

Athletika Starting This Week!

DATE › November 3, 2016
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With our Athletika classes rolling out this week, we've gotten a ton of interest about what they are, and who they're for. To make this super simple, I've done my best to get all of that information into one article. However, if you read this and still have questions, make sure to drop us an email at indyfast@gmail.com or call us at 317.578.0998. But for now, let's talk about Athletika! What is Athletika? Athletika is the IFAST-approved version of "bootcamp" or team-style training. Instead of our standard small group sessions, Athletika is a larger group setting where we'll have up

Q&A: What Set/Rep Scheme is Best for Size and Strength?

DATE › October 11, 2016
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Okay, finally back to answering reader questions - and this one is a doozy. Honestly, if I had THE answer to this one, I'd be sitting on my private beach somewhere drinking protein shakes and reading training books. But I digress. The question for today is a simple one: What set/rep scheme is best for size and strength? Now when I read that, I could take it in a couple of directions: What set/rep scheme is best for size? What set/rep scheme is best for strength? OR What set/rep scheme is best if you want a blend of both? To

Still Time to Join Our Book Club

DATE › October 10, 2016
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Tomorrow night, October 11th, IFAST's inaugural book club will meet for the fourth time. We are reading Brené Brown’s, I Thought It was Just Me  to dive into the powerful concept of shame. At IFAST, we're known for training the WHOLE athlete. As Camille, an IFAST member and book club participant shared, "Lance told me a long time ago that if I wasn't right in my mind, that I wouldn't be any good training. I didn't listen; that's how I ended up hurting myself!" Haven't come previously? No worries. Haven't even bought the book? Come anyway! There are still 7 more chapters/weeks

We’re Hiring A Part-Time Trainer

DATE › October 5, 2016
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Are you experienced in teaching bootcamp-style group training and ready to bring your energy and excitement to one of the top gyms in the country? Apply to be an Athletika trainer today! WHAT MAKES OUR GROUP TRAINING DIFFERENT NO ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL HERE! Integrated progressions and regressions so every athlete is challenged at their current fitness level. High energy with a supportive group environment Trainer SMARTER not HARDER: Quick and time effective! CLASS TIMES Monday - Thursday, 5:30 & 6:30pm, with potential for growth TO APPLY Email the following to Tony at indyfast@gmail.com: Cover letter that includes how you heard about IFAST

IFAST Pre-Season Volleyball Camp

DATE › October 1, 2016
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November 2nd - February 1st Limited Space Remaining - Grab Your Spot Today!   ADDITIONAL INFO: ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT FOR VOLLEYBALL 

IFAST Pre-Season Baseball Camp

DATE › October 1, 2016
CATEGORIES › Athletic Development
November 2nd - February 1st Limited Space Remaining - Grab Your Spot Today!   ADDITIONAL INFO: ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT FOR BASEBALL 

On WISH-TV’s IndyStyle: How busy parents can make time for a workout

DATE › September 14, 2016
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Busy parents - isn't that an oxymoron? New IFAST intern Kat Graham joined Mike Robinson this morning on Indy Style to play play a kettlebell-wielding super model for some workout tips for people always on the go. As explained by WISH TV: Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training’s Mike Robertson discusses how busy parents can still find time to fit in a workout!  Now that kids are back in school, it’s time to put the focus on you. IFAST’s Kat demos a few single-leg and arm exercise that can be performed with only one weight in a quick amount of time.