Our Team

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We’re so very proud of what we’re able to accomplish here at IFAST. And we’re well aware that none of our success would be possible without the collaborative talents of each individual team member.  Together, we bring a diverse and accomplished background to IFAST, allowing us to maximize the success of each client that walks through our door.

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Mike Robertson


338Our Team

Robertson-Training-SystemsMike Robertson, co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training and president of Robertson Training Systems, is one of the most highly sought-after coaches, consultants, speakers and writers in the fitness industry today with over 20,000 athletes who subscribe to his content. Known for his “no-nonsense” approach to training and brutal efficiency, Mike is a go-to resource for professional athletes from every major sport.

Mike trains pro athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLS and is the physical preparation coach for the Indy Eleven professional soccer team. Mike is often featured in national magazines, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Outside magazines, as well as T-Nation.com and Bodybuilding.com.

He is the co-creator of IFAST University, an online membership site, used by hundreds of coaches throughout the US and abroad. He has taken his training system and built it into a highly successful DVD series called Physical Preparation 101, and has co-authored numerous continuing education products for trainers and coaches.

Mike received his Master’s degree in Sports Biomechanics from Ball State University.

Bill Hartman

Owner/Physical Therapist

4853Our Team

IFAST co-owner and Physical Therapist Bill Hartman is one of the nation’s leading physical therapists and sports performance coaches. Bill specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine and has received advanced training in treatment of spinal disorders to include spinal mobilization, treatment of lumbo-pelvic disorders, shoulder rehabilitation, knee rehabilitation, core conditioning and treatment of soft-tissue disorders.

Bill is also a practitioner with Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) and Active Release Techniques (ART) with credentials to treat upper extremity, lower extremity and spinal disorders. He holds certifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and with USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach. Bill also sits on the Board of Directors of the International Youth Conditioning Association. He regularly works with athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional levels in a number of sports.

Bill, a judge for the reality competition, The Next Top Trainer, is also a contributing writer for Men’s Health magazine and has been featured in multiple national publications. He is co-author of The Men’s Fitness Total Body Plan with Adam Campbell and creator of the top-selling DVD, Your Golf Fitness Coach’s Video Library. Bill, a sought-after lecturer on topics of postural restoration and performance enhancement, co-created with Mike Robertson, the ground-breaking DVD, Inside-Out: The Ultimate Body Warm-Up.

Bill graduated with distinction from Purdue University with a degree in Movement and Sports Science and received his degree in Physical Therapy from Indiana University.

Jae Chung

Strength Coach

4857Our Team

Jae Chung is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is our primary morning coach at IFAST. He initially came to IFAST as a client with 8+ years of debilitating foot pain and a laundry list of other minor injuries. After training long-distance with the IFAST team for a number of months, Jae was so impressed that he moved to Indianapolis to immerse himself in the IFAST world.

Jae graduated from Indiana University with degrees in philosophy and French, after spending the first two years there as a music major. The son of two professors, he has spent most of his adult life teaching or coaching in some capacity. He has taught violin lessons as a teenager; later, he served in the Peace Corps as an English teacher. He has earned a black belt from the US Hapkido Federation and taught for a number of years in the IU T’ai Chi Ch’uan club. Prior to coaching at IFAST, Jae also ran an informal bootcamp out of his tiny garage in Bloomington for a year and a half.

Jae especially enjoys working with general population clients of all ages, whether their goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, look sexier — or just look, feel, and move better as they get older.

Ty Terrell

Strength Coach

4861Our Team

Ty Terrell, born and raised in New Castle, is our afternoon strength and conditioning coach at IFAST. According to Ty:

Being a part of the IFAST family is an incredible opportunity for clients and coaches alike; I’m honored to coach at one of the top training facilities in the country. When I first came on board, I spent months studying the scientific methodologies behind the IFAST approach. The depth and breadth of what I’ve been exposed to has helped me truly understand why IFAST has its national reputation.

Prior to joining the IFAST family, Ty spent three years working directly with Lee Taft, one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world, before taking a position as the Director of Sports and Wellness for the Henry County YMCA.

When asked how he defined a successful coach, Ty had this to say:

We’ve all known coaches who yell at athletes for doing less than or differently than they expected. My first question to them is, “Do they even know how to do that?” As a strength coach, I can’t be mad at you for missing a 400-lb deadlift if I haven’t prepared you to pull that weight. Can you even hip hinge? Do you have adequate mobility/stability? Have we programmed you to be successful at that weight? Strong numbers on a poor foundation will only lead to injury. Safety is key to long-term success and maximizing your program.

I’ve seen countless coaches explore new levels of screaming and anger because their athlete missed a block out, defensive rotation or pitch. Each time I find myself questioning if the athletes honestly know how to perform the skill. Have they had enough time practicing it to perform it well consistently? If we do not give the client with the necessary tools then how can we expect them to be successful?

John Wooden said, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” As an IFAST coach, I love helping clients define and achieve THEIR success.

Lance Goyke

Strength Coach

4865Our Team

Lance Goyke has been a part of the IFAST family since we first opened in 2008. In addition to performing most of our assessments, Lance coaches clients on Saturday and runs our evening team training classes. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and a Personal Training Certificate from Indiana University. He’s served as an instructor for USA Weightlifting and is an assistant professor at IUPUI.

Growing up in Michigan, Lance adores the Detroit Red Wings. He’s played ice hockey since he was five. In high school he started lifting weights for hockey and he’s been hooked ever since.

As Lance explains on his personal blog, “The human body astonishes me, making it easy to enjoy perfecting my craft, but the real driving force behind my career has, without a doubt, been my extreme luck. I’ve been on the fast track to knowledge acquisition and am forever indebted to my bosses, Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman. I got my start as the model for a DVD they did with Eric Cressey called Assess & Correct. Coupled with the fact that I’ve fostered relationships with some of the greatest up-and-coming trainers during their tenure as interns here in Indy, I’ve never been short of information to digest.”

Tony Giuliano

Coach/Office Manager

4859Our Team

Tony Giuliano is the newest addition to the IFAST family! He interned with us in 2015 and we kidnapped him to be our Office Manager/Coach/Sports Nerd.

Originally from Long Island, Tony received his Master’s and Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from the State University of New York At Buffalo. He also interned at Stanford University and Absolute Performance Training in Buffalo, NY.

While he does enjoy “spending every waking moment making sure IFAST is the greatest gym in existence,” he does take time to teach clients boxing, play Spikeball with his fellow coaches, and compete with IFAST co-owner Bill Hartman for Biggest Batman Fan (a battle he is currently losing. . . )

Brandon Brown

Strength Coach

4863Our Team

Brandon Brown started at IFAST as in intern in 2014 and soon became part of the IFAST family. Since his time as an intern he has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University.

Originally from Valparaiso, Indiana, Brandon became interested in strength and conditioning as a way to train himself and other cyclists during his time as a Professional BMX racer. This led to a position as the head trainer for Pro BMX Supercamp, where he trained cyclists of all ages and skill levels throughout the United States and Canada.

Brandon currently coaches evenings at IFAST, heads the monthly IFAST Conditioning Challenge, and enjoys helping clients learn to Olympic Lift properly and safely to achieve their performance goals.

Kirsten Shaw

Wonder Woman

4867Our Team

Kirsten is our part-time admin. She holds a Masters degree in teaching from Beloit College and has been a teacher, writer, speaker, project manager, and stay-at-home mom. However, it wasn’t until she came to to IFAST in 2013 that she joined the world of fitness.

As a self-proclaimed “recovering-chunky-butt,” Kirsten loves how IFAST has helped her define her “new normal” by losing weight as well as gaining confidence, muscle, balance, and joy:

I can’t imagine life without my IFAST family. We have athletes of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. Whether someone is 8 or 88 years old, 100 or 400 pounds, everyone deserves a safe and welcoming place to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Kirsten is *mildly* obsessed with Wonder Woman and enjoys encouraging every client to be their own superhero.

Jessica Robertson

Registered Dietitian

4150Our Team

Jessica Robertson is our Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist on staff. Jess is passionate about all things food: shopping strategies, cooking techniques, recipe sharing, eating strategies, hunger management, emotional eating, and more! She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and a Master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Ball State University.

Before joining IFAST as their Registered Dietitian, Jess worked for many years with surgical and non-surgical clients in the weight management field.  She also has work experience in clinical nutrition and diabetes education.  However, her primary interest is helping clients lose weight by making simple, healthy, and delicious lifestyle changes.

Contact us today to find out what she can do for you!