Our strength coach internships include over 660 hours of field time. Interns start by observing the various approaches and strategies our staff uses to build rapport with individual clients. With time, interns are given an increasing amount of responsibility, progressing from helping clients with warm-ups to coaching both semi-private and team-training sessions. Interns also support the day-to-day operations of the business by assisting with cleaning and general office tasks.

Additionally, interns are expected to attend weekly educational in-services and develop a strong understanding of our assessment and program design process. Finally, we invite interns to actively think about how they can leverage their personal skills and interests to make IFAST better. We expect interns to be passionate, show initiative, obsessively read (PRI, anatomy, physiology, psychology, marketing, business) and ask lots and lots of questions.

In short, we expect our interns to leave IFAST being able to assess clients and write training programs better than the majority of personal trainers in the country.

Unable to commit the time but still want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of what we do? Consider becoming a member of IFAST University.


We consider our internship process here at IFAST to be second to none. Unlike other internships where you push a broom and stand in the corner, our goal is to give you a complete learning experience and provide you with the foundational skills that will benefit you in the future. If you are interested in performing an internship at IFAST, we need the following before you can be considered:


Are you a highly motivated individual ready to catapult your understanding of training others? If so, see if you meet our minimum requirements below:

  • Ability to commit to 16 weeks of ridiculously long hours and learning-induced brain cramps.
  • Interest in helping athletes of all ages, sizes, and abilities.
  • Statement of the time of year (spring, summer, fall winter) you want to intern, as well as proposed start/finish dates.
  • Exercise-related college degree preferred
  • Proof of liability insurance (Must be obtained before you start; we recommend $500,000 with K&K)


Email the following to Jae at

  • Cover letter that includes how you heard about IFAST
  • Resume
  • List of at least three professional references
  • Brief (~500 word) essay on why you’d like to be an intern at IFAST
  • Links to 2 videos (uploaded to YouTube with privacy settings set so anyone with the link can view them):
    • Up to 2 minutes of you coaching someone on a squat, deadlift, or other compound movement.
      In the video, you must:
      1. Demonstrate the movement between 3-5 reps before you begin coaching.
      2. Coach the “client” as if it is their first time going through the exercise.
      3. Avoid technical jargon (“posterior pelvic tilt” or “upward rotation of the scapula”). Talk as if you are coaching a general fitness client, not an exercise science major.
      4. Identify some faults and fix them. If your model moves exceptionally well, then demonstrate some common faults and common cues to fix them.
    • Up to 2 minutes on why IFAST should choose you. You are strongly encouraged to tell an anecdote that illustrates why you have the qualities to be a good coach, student, and intern. You should speak clearly into the camera without reading from a script.
    • Videos must be in landscape orientation, filmed from a tripod or a stable surface.


We often get international candidates interested in participating in our internship program. Please see IST Plus for additional information and requirements.


Internship slots are filled as applications are received and considered. Applying early is highly recommended.

  • 2017 FALL (9/5/17 – 12/22/16): deadline 05/30/17, 4 spots remaining
  • 2018 SPRING (1/8/18 – 4/28/18): deadline 10/27/17, 4 spot remaining
  • 2018 SUMMER (5/14/17 – 8/11/18): deadline 02/23/18, 4 spots remaining

PHYSICAL THERAPY INTERNSHIP ROTATIONS: Currently we are only accepting physical therapy students seeking placement in 2019 or beyond. For additional information, please contact Tony Giuliano directly at 317-578-0998.  


Pete C.



I interned at IFAST to enhance my knowledge and experience as a professional in the fitness industry. The experience was invaluable in the development of my career as a strength and conditioning coach. I got to train and learn from some of the best coaches in the industry. IFAST does an exceptional job of translating their expansive knowledge into results for their clients. Further, their commitment to treat every person that comes through the door as a friend created the best atmosphere in any training facility that I have ever been a part of. I particularly respect their dedication to adapting coaching styles to maximize individual results. IFAST did a a great job of pushing me to be the best at my craft as well as pursue my individual interests. The combination maximized the education I received and the impact it will have on my future.

Liz M.

New York


IFAST is a one-of-a-kind gym where I was able to learn not only advanced training techniques, assessments and corrective exercise, but develop a true understanding of what it is to run a community training facility. The ability to create a good experience for clients day in and day out with a smile can be one of the hardest things to accomplish and was my most important lesson learned at IFAST. I came back home more a knowledgeable and efficient coach, but most importantly I came back a better person. I wouldn’t trade the education, experience or friends I’ve gained at IFAST for all the riches in the world.

James C.

South Carolina


I’ve been fortunate to spend time with some great coaches, and intern at a few top notch facilities, and I can say without question that the IFAST internship experience is second to none.  Not only are you going to learn more in 3 months than you probably have in the past several years, but the sense of family and community is truly unrivaled.

Cody H.



Before applying to intern at IFAST, my mentors praised how much the coaches would teach you about human movement. I thought I was up for the challenge so I applied. How much more can I not know… I just finished all of my classes for my college degree! Well, on my first day I was handed about 8 hours worth of video describing the intricacies of the pelvis and was told to write a summary to explain to the other interns. From that moment, the knowledge bombs never stopped exploding.

Looking back, I realize that the reason this internship is so great isn’t because of how deep coaches delve into human movement patterns or how to coach clients. Yes, those qualities are great to offer but the main takeaway that I received was that the learning should NEVER stop and that there is always room for improving your craft. Bill and Mike would tell us if you are not learning and getting better everyday, you are doing yourself a disservice and getting worse. This way of thinking has completely changed the way I approach my job, education and physical training.

Even if you don’t end up working in the strength and conditioning industry, being around a group of people with this mindset will do wonders!

Jared E.



My internship experience at IFAST was the best investment I have made for my career. I learned more there than I did in six years of school with two degrees. To grow in any field you always need to seek out and learn from people who are smarter than you. There’s none better than Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman in the strength and conditioning/physical therapy world. They are the best in the industry and it shows. The things you will learn from them will truly change the way you look at training. Just think about all the great information you learn from attending a two-day conference. Now imagine that over a period of 16 weeks with two of the brightest minds in the industry. You will learn new and exciting things week after week. If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, this internship is for you.

Conor M.

New York


Out of all the things I’ve done to develop myself in the fitness field, completing my internship at IFAST has been HANDS DOWN what has made the biggest impact in the way I practice and make decisions now. During my 4 months at IFAST, I accumulated nearly 800 hours of practical experience primarily through coaching a wide variety of clientele, observing and practicing one of the most forward-thinking assessment processes around, and getting to talk shop and learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry. Interning at IFAST has also made me appreciate the importance of developing a solid foundation of anatomy, regardless if you are a strength coach, a physical therapist, or any other healthcare professional. I couldn’t recommend the internship at IFAST highly enough, and would encourage it to anyone who is looking to learn from world-class coaches at an amazing facility!

Kyle O.

New Jersey


I drove 13-hours straight to work long, unpaid hours for 4 months and I didn’t even question the opportunity. I knew what a big name Bill and Mike were in the fitness community. What I didn’t know was how closely I would get to directly work with them. I also didn’t know how much I would learn from the rest of the amazing IFAST team. All had different styles and were equally as approachable. My IFAST internship pushed me more than any of my previous internships, not just to learn while on the floor, but every waking minute outside. Weekly in-service topics catered to our combined knowledge gaps and at a digestible rate that progressively complemented our internship responsibilities. I often found myself outside of my comfort zone, developing my skills in assessing, programming, cueing, engaging with diverse clients, as well as fostering client goal setting and achievement. In short, I learned the IFAST system, implemented the IFAST system, and left with a greatly enhanced and malleable toolbox. IFAST is a family, a very, very smart family! Why wouldn’t you want to come?

Jason N.



My IFAST experience was more than I could have ever hoped for. The staff at IFAST is extremely well-rounded and pushes you every single day to be the best coach you can be. The team and family environment they’ve created makes it an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Whether you are discussing functional anatomy, physiology, or the art of coaching you will find they leave no stone unturned in terms of helping you develop yourself into the strongest professional.

No matter the route you are pursuing, if you desire to be great in this industry these are some of the minds you want to pick for as long as you can. I’ve often heard that when it comes to internships, you want to be a sponge; you’ll have a hard time finding a wealthier tank of knowledge to dive into!