Whether someone walks through our door as a training client or physical therapy patient, they get a customized experience catered to their individual history, body, and needs.


Debby KnoxMy left knee is back to normal; I am so grateful. LOVE IFAST!

trey-ballI started coming to IFAST 2.5 years ago with Ty Terrell. My time at IFAST has been absolutely outstanding. Being able to have hands on training with Bill and Ty has been a huge help with my training and repositioning needed to get me in season form for Baseball. Without their help and knowledge of how the body works and the training needed to get the most out of what I do, I wouldn’t be where I am today. IFAST is different in the sense of them taking you one-on-one evaluating you and coming up with a plan to achieve what you are looking for. And then working with you as you move forward, I think that’s what makes them different and the best at what they do. I’d like to thank Ty and Bill and everyone else at the IFAST family for all the help and hands on work with me throughout the years to make me the best baseball player I can be.

lauryn gillisAs a college athlete, I am surrounded by injuries. I have been fortunate enough to make it to my junior year without any serious complications. I truly believe Ty Terrell is a big reason for this. I cannot think of many other explanations as to why my shoulder is still intact after hundreds of swings a week, while teammates and players around me are having surgeries. Ty trains in a unique way. Some of his training methods may cause an eyebrow raise in disbelief (the first time he had me do breathing exercises, I wanted to ask how in the world would that make me an All-American), but after only a few sessions, he earned all of my trust. Ty trains the mind and body. He helps you develop a strong foundation for injury prevention then moves forward into athleticism.
Ty is extraordinary at his job and there is no doubt that he loves what he does. His passion for what he does and his love for his athletes is what keeps bringing me back to him. He makes me want to give 110% because I know he gives that much to me. I can honestly say that I love every minute of my sessions with Ty. He has become a great friend while making me the best player I can be. I couldn’t ever begin to thank him enough.

irrIFAST is the gold standard for performance training and physical therapy.  When our athletes need a place to train in the Indianapolis area, IFAST is place I recommend because I know all of their needs, from rehab to training, will be met with excellent care.

krystalIFAST is not a gym but a family that encourages you every time you go. It becomes addicting, especially when you start seeing how your body is changing! Get ready to be a BA!

peteIFAST is the best place in Indy to send your kids for off-field training. Their trainers are hands down some of the best in the business. Participating in a strength and conditioning program like the one they are offering is vital for baseball players who want to stay on the field for years to come.

Best Gym headshot mariain Indianapolis!! Have been a member for almost a year, getting stronger. The workouts are constantly changing so you never get bored. Staff are great motivators.

katesmithBill is amazing. The way he looks at and treats the body as a whole is so smart. You’ll be baffled at why the rest of the medical world seems to not look at the body this way. After being diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, most others told me I was done leading an active lifestyle. Bill showed me that wasn’t true gave me the tools and confidence to manage my condition. He helped me become a new human being physically.

Bill Hartman is absolutely brilliant – not just in his unparalleled understanding of how to bring function and performance back to the movement system, but also in his ability to support and educate. Every time I listen to Bill talk or remember our coaching sessions, I am both overjoyed and hopeful for all the people that can benefit from learning and working with him. 5 stars and beyond.Galina Ivanov

sherrycraneLumbar back pain for 30 years, due to various reasons, finally met its match with Bill Hartman and his interns. Coupled with deaths in my immediate family those stressors had taken a huge toll. 3 sessions at IFAST PT and hopefully a final spinal fusion, together, have given me THE 1st 5 days straight of NO PAIN in 20+ years. Thank you Bill, Kirsten, staff and Grant for convincing me all I needed to do was walk in your door.

chrisAs a fitness and coaching professional, I cannot say enough good things about Bill Hartman and the IFAST team. Through my personal experiences at IFAST and from attending seminars/lectures that Bill has given, I cannot express the amount of respect I have for the quality of his work. In fact, he is truly an inspiration to me professionally. So, without question, IFAST Physical Therapy is the place to go if you are dealing with any condition that requires physical therapy or if you just desire to maximize your athletic and/or overall functional performance. If you have had physical therapy in the past and have been disappointed with the results, I can say with great conviction that there are very few PTs on the planet who can equal Bill Hartman’s level of expertise and quality of care. So, I urge you to give it one more try and set up an appointment with IFAST to see for yourself!


I’ve worked with Bill Hartman close to a dozen times over the last 5 years, and I’ve sent multiple clients to work with him as well. Every time I work with Bill, or watch Bill work I am absolutely amazed. He is incredibly brilliant and his thirst for knowledge is unmatched.

I highly recommend him to anyone, in pain or not, who wants to improve their performance and quality of life.

sharonAging can be hell. Bill has brought every ache and pain that I have had under control. I feel better than I have in years. It is awesome to know that if something does hurt, I know how to and who to go to for relief! Love that I don’t need to get a doctor’s referral now in Indiana! (Thank you to whatever group finally made THAT happen!) Bill also helped me to figure out what kind of shoes I needed and now my feet don’t hurt. I feel empowered and great!

trevorI can say without exaggeration that IFAST is the standard by which all other fitness facilities should be measured. It is truly a one of a kind facility, staffed by some of the best and brightest in the industry. I have and will continue to refer my friends and loved ones here… I honestly can not recommend IFAST highly enough.